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Asia’s most important forum for matching retail industry executives and technology startups which can take their business to the cutting edge.


Meet the founders of some of Hong Kong’s most successful retail industry startups – and the next wave of innovators.


Every retailer and retail property owner who wants a glimpse into the next evolution of Hong Kong retailing needs to attend this event. C-suite executives, marketers, e-commerce specialists, technology experts, HR managers, suppliers, logistics professionals, administrators, financial controllers. Our agenda will cover innovation in every aspect of the retail journey.

And if you’re a startup – you’re looking for inspiration for the Next Big Thing, or you’re trying to make connections to fund your cutting edge invention – you won’t want to miss this event for the content or the contacts!

About Us

Retail’s Cutting Edge, part of the StartmeUp Festival, can be called a conference, an expo, a rare get together of retailers, startups, investors and entrepreneurs and a chance to learn the secrets of retail experts, or a reason to leave work for the day to get a new perspective. It’s a big event with many features, but there’s one thing it isn’t ordinary.

Why / Inside Retail Live Hong Kong is a first-of-its-kind event that provides an immersive knowledge-sharing platform for retailers and its supporting technology and service providers. In its second year, Inside Retail Hong Kong has partnered with InvestHK to continue the quest to unify the Hong Kong startup community and retail industry and shape the future of international business. You’ll learn in-depth practical information from experts and innovators. Most importantly, you’ll meet the people who can help grow your business.

What / 1 day, 15 speakers, 10+exhibitors, 500+ delegates, Round Table Discussions, a startup pitchfest, and cocktail party.

Retail's Cutting Edge 2018 Preview

  • 1
  • 15
  • 10
  • 500

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the festival!

Main Stage

Where big names will speak to address the big questions facing retail.

Retail Theatre

Targeted, specialty retail sessions for audiences up to 100. These sessions do not coincide with the main stage, so attendees won’t miss anything.


Give yourself and your business the nourishment that it needs.


Collectively explore ideas and analyses with a network of retail peers.


The 2018 Retailer Awards honor influential, trendsetting retail leaders in Australia.

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