Retail’s Cutting Edge 2019

Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Date: Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Time: 10am – 6pm



The largest gathering of Hong Kong retailers and suppliers


Trends and topics that will impact your business and the global retail scene


Round-the-clock activities and entertainment


Meet the people who matter in retail

Your Essential Retail Day for 2019

Retail’s Cutting Edge is the forum for tomorrow’s online and offline retail innovators and startups.

01 / The future of retail - New Retail for the next decade. What does Jack Ma’s global ambition hold for today’s retailers? How have online and offline converged and what will be the next step? How will Hema reshape convenience retailing?

3 / Blockchain in retail Cryptocurrencies have given blockchain a bad name. Over two hours we will look at the benefits for the retail industry from blockchain applications in the supply chain, proving product authenticity, trading customer loyalty and building customer profiles.

2 / Global change pain points How sustainability and the constant quest to prove ethics and a commitment to social conscience are changing the ways brands interact with customers. Included: Reinventing fashion with sustainability, with a look at how the H&M Foundation is working with startups locally and abroad.

4 / AR and VR: Is the technology getting good enough to move mainstream? For several years now, tech companies have been talking up virtual reality technologies for retailing - online and offline. But most of us still consider it a gimmick. Is all that about to change?


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