Tuesday 28th August 2018
1pm - 5pm
KPMG Office - Causeway Bay

Retail Social Media Masterclass

Practical insights from the best of the best.

Inside Retail Academy is on again this August bringing together retailers, experts, technology and industry partners to collaborate, share, educate and transform our mindsets to connect with a millennial customer, understand their behaviours and how retailers and organisations can engage with the market effectively.

Event Details

1 pm August 28th
1pm – 5pm
KPMG – Level 23, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay – Hong Kong

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Retail Social Media Masterclass

Social media is the well-known bridge between traditional retail and online shopping, but have you kept up with how fast its evolved?  In this Masterclass we deep dive what the best are doing to harness the power of Social Media.

Driven by millennials and Gen Z, all but addicted to apps on multiple platforms, social media has become an enabler allowing shoppers to search, browse, match and buy products – sometimes without even leaving the app. They can seek advice from friends and family before purchasing in-store or online. They can monitor trends by following entertainers, bloggers and other key opinion leaders.

Over four hours, you’ll hear from successful advertising agencies who have helped well-known retail brands optimise their social media engagement with loyal customers and prospects alike.

You will gain practical and valuable advice to take home and implement on your brands and products.

Can you afford not to attend?  You’re missing out on potential lost revenue from existing customers, new marketing and product channels, and ultimately revenues.

Featured Speakers


1:00pm: Welcome from Anson Bailey, Partner, Business Development, KPMG China, and an overview of social media’s reach and impact today.

1:15pm: Isabel Zisselberger, Head of Financial Management and Customer & Operations at KPMG: Customer First” – A new report from KPMG’s highlights the impact of social media strategies on customer satisfaction and engagement.

1:35pm: Nathania Christy, head of Trendwatching’s Global Insights Network: New trends and players in the social media market.

2:15pm: Katheryn Lui, Strategic Planning Director and head of Social Media, Isobar. Expert advice from a seasoned social media campaign director, including examples from international brands executed in Greater China.

2:45pm: Case study 1 Sands Retail China. Rita Simonetta, VP of Retail Marketing, Sands China, explains how Macau’s largest retail operator uses social media to connect with mainland shoppers before they arrive in Macau and while they are there.

3:15pm: Coffee Break.

3:45pm: Sergio Argento, Executive Producer BeFast TV & founding partner IMPACTA. Using video to get viral response on social media.

4:20pm: Keynote: Facebook Business Director, Branding, Greater China, Arthur Yuen.

4:50pm: Closing remarks

5:00pm: Cocktails