Retail Marketing Class


Retail Marketing Class

Agenda summary

11:00-11:45 Measuring the Research Online Purchase Offline phenomenon: Cedric Delzenne, Head of Hong Kong office, 55 the data company

11:45-12:30 Demystifying AI – a Q&A Session Breaking it Down: Eugene Lai, Innovation Director, Red Ant Asia and Elisa Harca, Regional Director & Co-founder, Red Ant Asia

13:30-14:15 Why Mobile Marketing is the New Frontier: Floris Vermeulen, International Business Development Manager, Key2cell

14:15-15:00 How Analytics helps you improve ROI from Regional to Local influencer marketing strategy? Edwin Wong, CEO, Cloudbreakr

15:00-15:45 Big Data Analytics in Retail- Uncover Potential Customer Revenue Through Action: Emma Mourad, Managing Director APAC, Big Data for Humans

15:45-16:30 How can we VR in Retail? Devin Ehrig, Partner, Shadow Factory

16:30-17:15 How can APIs save brick & mortar retail? Jimmy McGann, Commercial Director, pulseiD

  • Note: Agenda subject to change.